Hinotch Chains

  • Hinotch chain

Hinotch chain is plastic sludge collector chain having higher wear resistance by spreading engaged points in design.


Longer life of Chain

Gaining longer life by higher wear resistance with spreading engaged points between chain and sprocket. At driving Notch portion of chain engages pins of sprocket, which bottom of chain contacts O.D. surface of idler sprocket.

Easy change of Attachment location

Easy relocation of Attachment is possible by molding chain and attachment separately and assembled with bolts and nuts.

Improved stable operation

Having chain holder at drive shaft, jumping of chain is well prevented which conventional plastic chain are apt to jump occasionally.

Short-Reverse trip is possible

Longitudinally symmetric control of notches makes short-reverse trip of chain possible with chain holder.


Hinotch chain can work with pin type drive sprocket and sheave type idler sprocket. Drive sprocket is DL (double life) type for longer life by reducing number of engaging times of pins down to half. Another advantage of drive sprocket is easy replacing of pins without removing chain as pins are assembled with bolts and nuts.
Idler sprocket is sheave type having neither teeth nor pins which reduce wear of both chain and sprocket.

Drive Sprocket

Idler Sprocket

Typical Application of Hinotch Chain

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