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Chain experts consultation is available.

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Please feel free to contact us to
solve issues together.

Please consult us whenever you have question or trouble in selecting a chain.

There are a wide variety of chains in terms of type, purpose, performance, specifications, shape, and usage environment.
It is very difficult to find the best one from such a large number of items!

Our chain specialists will propose the most suitable chain to meet your needs based on our discussions on matters such as “What kind of ideas do you have?” or “I want to change something for an existing chain,” or “How to select a chain for this equipment?” .

For customers with detailed product
specification requests

We are happy to consult with customers with detailed specifications, such as "improving the functionality of the chain for existing equipment” or “requiring a replacement chain as the manufacturer is no longer in business."

For customers who wish to consider chains
that meet on-site issues

Please feel free to tell us your requirements as you envision them, such as the functions you want in a chain, although the detailed specifications have not been decided. We are happy to help you give shape to your ideal chain.

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