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Maizuru-city, Kyoto chose our Hinotch Chain for its newly built the Purification Center, East.

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Notch chain

Sewage plants use sludge collectors to slowly gather sewage arriving from factories and households and remove the sludge. Chain is used to transmit driver power to sludge collectors. The chain used comes in different materials, include cast metal, stainless steel, and plastic, but over the past few years, a type of plastic chain known as notch chain has been gaining market share.
Maizuru-city, too, wanted to use notch chain for its sludge collector at the Purification Center, East it was building.

Effects and Advantages

  • Long life
  • Easy maintenance

We developed our Hinotch Chain to last longer and be easier to maintain than conventional plastic notch chains.
First, we adopted a mechanism we call Double Life (DL) Teeth for sprocket wheels. This extends sprocket life by halving wear, as only half of the teeth mesh with the chain during each rotation.
Furthermore, we made maintenance easier by allowing the mounting and removal of attachments to which flights for gathering sludge are attached, instead of having them built into the chain.

Features and Evaluation

After assessing our company’s technical capabilities and the reliability of our chain for water treatment, a flagship product among the various types of chain we carry, Maizuru-city decided to adopt our Hinotch Chain, which we had developed in recent years.
Moving forward, we will continue to develop and provide unique products, such as Hinotch chain, in an effort to respond to the needs in the field of water treatment equipment.

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