Our message

For customers

For customers
who do business with us

We offer reliable products with Japanese quality, and cherish long-term trusting relationships.
We will keep living up to the expectations of our distributors.

The trusting relationships with distributors we have fostered for many years are our assets. We will make continuous efforts to provide high-quality products, so as not to disappoint them. We have committed ourselves to offering meticulous support, to meet your expectations.
We would appreciate your continued cooperation.

For distributors
who thinking of doing business with us

For distributors who need industrial chains around the world, we’re looking for new distributors in regions where we have not yet delivered our products.

We have been exporting chains made in Japan with reliable quality all over the world for many years. We hope that you’re interested in our chains to sell them in your country. We also offer study sessions for deeping distributors’ understanding of our products and a variety of sales support, etc. Please feel free to contact us about anything related to chains. We’re looking forward to supporting your business.

For Facility Managers

For Facility Engineers

Do you have any trouble or worry about chains in your equipment? We will suggest solutions!

Our strengths are the capabilities of planning, proposing, and manufacturing “custom-made” chains to satisfy your requests.
We hope that you will contact our marketing staff, and talk about your trouble.
We can produce small lots of chains. Let’s solve problems together.

You can also consult with us about products manufactured by other companies.
We derive solutions based on our experience and know-how cultivated over a long history of handling a wide variety of products.

Chain Trouble Shooter