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We delivered more of our case conveyor chain and other products to Chiba Plant of J-OIL MILLS, Inc., a longstanding customer of ours, during their scheduled repairs and maintenance.


Chain inspection

One of our company’s services is the inspection of chains. The Chiba Plant of J-OIL MILLS, Inc., which has been a continual customer of ours since the time it was operating under its predecessor’s name Toyo Oil Mills Co., Inc., has been having us periodically perform inspections. Based on our last inspection report, it was decided that a replacement would be necessary at the next scheduled repair.

Effects and Advantages

Proposal of the optimal chain for the usage conditions

Since chain is a consumable supply, it is necessary to periodically purchase chain to be used as a replacement. In producing the next chain to be used, we take into consideration the usage conditions when inspecting the existing chain, so that we may propose the optimal replacement.

Forged Chain


Steel Chain

Features and Evaluation

The company not only chose a case conveyor chain for their grain silo, they also decided to employ a sprocket wheel and shaft along with it.
Moving forward, we will continue to work hard to be a trusted partner by offering customers optimal products and services.

Chiba Plant of J-OIL MILLS, Inc.

J-OIL MILLS was created in April 2003 through a business merger between Ajinomoto Oil Mills Co., Inc., Honen Corporation, and Yoshihara Oil Mill, Ltd. The company is primarily involved in the manufacture and sales of edible oils.

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