SAV Type Stainless Chains

  • SAV type Stainless Chain
  • Chain saver mechanism

SAV type stainless steel chain, SAV715 and 709 with SUS 403 and SAV713 with SUS 304, are evolution from HSS type stainless steel chain working as a collector chain mainly for primary and secondary sewage tank.
Working with save type sprocket is the best to get economical merit gained from lighter weight and longer life. SAV715 and SAV 713 are compatible with HSS type chain, while SAV709 is good to replace plastic chain when customers' needs to solve problems by plastic chain, such as extension and wear. You can just remove plastic chain and install SAV 709 as you never need to change sprocket.
For highly corrosive water, SAV713 with SUS 304 is recommended.

Dimensional Specification

SAV Type Stainless Chain

SF-4 Attachment


Chain Trouble Shooter