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From its establishment in 1988 to the present, Noukyou Sairo Company has been using our chain, including a recent purchase for its third expansion.


  • Enhancing storage capacity

Since its establishment in 1988, Noukyou Silo has expanded its storage capacity from its initial 50,000 tons to 90,000 tons, starting with its first expansion in 1999, and then its second in 2006. However, an improved variety of wheat came into use in 2011 in the area under Tokachi’s jurisdiction, resulting in another planned expansion of storage capacity to handle the projected about 20% increase in harvests. This third expansion increased total storage capacity by 27,000 tons, for a total combined capacity of 117,000 tons.

Effects and Advantages

  • Follow-up service, including chain inspections

Noukyou Sairo Company was not only satisfied with our product, it also gave high marks to our follow-up services, including post-delivery support from local sales personnel and chain inspections by factory technicians. This has led the company to continually ordering and employing our chain, from its establishment in 1988, all the way to its recent third expansion.

We provide optimal chain and valuable follow-up services to protect our “connection with the customer,” in which we strive to accurately gauge their needs.

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Noukyou Sairo Company

Established in July 1988 in Tokachi, Hokkaido, by joint investments from the Hokuren Federation of Agricultural Cooperatives and the agricultural cooperatives under Tokachi's jurisdiction, the company is in the business of operating wheat storage facilities.


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