VK Series Conveyor Chains

  • VK Series

Pitch elongation, which is one factor that affects the life of the chain, is caused by pin and bush wear.
The VK series reduces wear by optimizing the combination of Pin and Bush material and heat-treatment, suppresses chain elongation and realizes long life.

VK has 3 levels of wear resistance

VK has 3 levels of wear resistance by the combination of special heat-treatment and special steel. 

Comparison Table

VK3 becomes 4.2 times compared with the conventional model based on our simulator.


VK3 is suitable for applications where the pitch elongation is a major problem in harsh environments.
・Cement plants: transportation of clinker, fly-ash etc.
・Glass manufactures, Ceramic engineering: transportation of raw material, sintered metal powder
・Mining: transpiration of raw material as rains and rocks
・Steel Plants: transportation of coke, sintered iron, mill scale


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