Case Conveyor Chains

  • Steel Chain
  • Forged Chain

Case conveyor chain is used for carrying powdered material running vertically , horizontally and on inclination. Suitable attachment to each material are available.
Among them, forged chain has simple structure with pin and body combined and is good to carry sticky material.

Dimensional Specification

Forged Chain

The light and precise chain is strengthened by our unique heat treatment technology. They are suitable for long case Conveyors.

Steel Chain

This chain is specially designed for case conveyors which convey powders. It has increased clearances between pins and bushings so that powder entering the space does not impair flexure. Twin-roller type chain was developed to prevent powders, granules and other conveyed particles from adhering between bushings and rollers and impairing roller rotation.

T Type Attachment

U type Attachment


Chain Trouble Shooter