Cement Conveyor Chain

Cement Conveyor Chain performs main role to run apron conveyor, case conveyor, and bucket elevator at cement mill and cement carrier vessel. As loads are highly abrasive, ZEXUS CHAIN is providing special hardening on pin, bushing, and roller to maintain further higher abrasive resistance than other conventional abrasive resistance chain.

Cement Manufacturing Processes and Main Equipment


  1. Cement factory: Conveying clinker, raw material mill, lime stone etc.
  2. Glass and ceramics: Conveying raw materials, metal powders for sintering, etc.
  3. Mining: Conveying iron and steel nuggets, particles etc.
  4. Steelmaking: Conveying collector dust, sinter, cokes, hot rolling scale, etc.
  5. Other: Severely abrasive atmosphere
    The main applications include pan conveyors, apron conveyors, case conveyors and bucket elevators.


Chain Trouble Shooter