Plated Roller Chains

  • Plated Roller Chain

ZEXUS CHAIN provides Nickel plated and LL (special surface treatment) plated Roller Chain for higher corrosion resistance than regular ANSI Roller Chain.

Nickel and LL plated

Nickel Plated Roller Chain

Nickel Plated Roller Chain is having each part of chain plated with Nickel for relatively light corrosion resistance.

LL plated Roller Chain

LL plated Roller Chain is LL plated with special surface treatment for higher corrosion resistance than Nickel plated, is good for outdoor application.

Dimensional Specification


  • Depending on actual condition, Nickel plated or LL plated tier may be peeled off.
  • It is not recommended for the case peeled tier might be directly mixed into food.


Chain Trouble Shooter