CF Series Standard type Roller Chains

  • CF Series Standard type Roller Chain

BRAND-NEW Chromium Free Roller Chain Custom formulated CF coating delivering ecological advancement and significant improvements in wear resistance.
Built on the solid foundation of ZEXUS CHAIN Roller Chains original premium quality.

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Protect from Water
CF Roller Chains are coated in parts before assembly and offer the user the high corrosion resistance.
Where roller chain is exposed to nature’s rugged elements including rain, salt, sun and wind the CF series chain will ensure the longest available service life.


Chromium FREE
Environmentally Friendly Surface Treatment without trivalent or hexagonal chromium content.


Strength Retention
The special corrosion-resistant coating for the CF series maintains the strength and toughness of the base steel material without risk of hydrogen embrittlement. (The strength is the same as standard roller chain)


  • Caution must be taken where abrasion can cause the surface coating to be removed.

Comparison Table

Comparison Chart of corrosion resistant

Salt Spray Test(*) Results

(*) Salt Spray Test according to JIS Z 2371

Dimensional Specification

* This coating is available for other kinds of roller chains.


Chain Trouble Shooter