Sprockets for Standard Conveyor Chains

  • Sprockets for Standard Conveyor Chain

Mismatching of chain and sprocket will hurt smooth operation as well as shortening life of both chain and sprocket. Important points for sprocket are as follows.

1.Teeth contour and pitch must be accurate and uniform.
2.Sprocket must have strong wear resistance.
3.Sprocket structure must be robust with high shock resistance.

Pitch of Circle Diameter (P.C.D.)

Pitch of Circle Diameter (P.C.D.) can be gained by multiplying coefficient as following format.

Pitch of Circle Diameter (P.C.D.) is calculated by this formula.


Hub Diameter and Hub Width

Diameter and height, of standard sprocket are set as Dimensional specification. However, depending on environment made to order may be required, and the following format will help designing boss diameter and height.


  • This is for quick and easy method. For more precious method, please refer to general guide for machine design.

Dimensional Specification

Dimension table is showing standard sprocket. Additionally, ZEXUS CHAIN can supply made to order design in size, material, with many kinds of inner bore.

Dimension Table Contents;
Sprocket for HRS type bushed roller chain
Sprocket for HR type bushed roller chain
Sprocket for HB type bushed roller chain


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