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Amid the rising concern for food safety and security, there is an increasing demand for better chain performance on food conveyors. This is an introduction to our VC Chain developed in response to this demand.

VC Chain: Food conveyor solution with the ultimate in wear resistance and corrosion resistance

Amid the rising concern for food safety and security, food manufacturers have to not only conform to HACCP (hazard analysis and critical control points) standards for sanitation control in food production, but also pay strict attention to each and every part of machinery and equipment, so that foreign objects and other contaminants do not get into food while it is being conveyed through the plant.
We developed our VC  “Very Clean” Chain for food conveyors after a Japanese manufacturer of industrial equipment and systems came to us about chain for a food conveyor line at a plant operated by a major seasoning manufacturer.

We are committed to studying and supporting our customers’ sites with our highly trained engineers and salespeople. In developing our VC Chain, we conducted studies on the operating conditions of machinery at food plants in Japan and overseas. On the assumption that food could come in contact with a chain, the plants required one that would not introduce contaminants, such as chain rust and abrasion powder, as well have no elongation from wear and show no signs of wear. Also, curbing rust while machinery is shut down was also an issue.
In an effort to increase the hardness of part material and achieve durable surface treatments, we adopted materials specifically suited to chain for which even higher anti-corrosion is required and to chain for which high wear resistance is required, and then we applied special heat treatments for each type of material to achieve the required hardness. Conveyors are long systems that can stretch some 20 to 30 meters. In the manufacture and shipping of products as well, there are processes such as degreasing, cleaning, and inspection, and strict packaging is performed. As the number food production sites grow worldwide, the use of our VC Chain can respond to those growing demands.

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