Technical Development, Research and Resolution Oil-Sealed Chain Conveyor Chains

Environmentally conscious ECO series that does not require external lubrication. No external lubrication means no contamination from oil dispersal. This also contributes to the conservation of limited resources.

Feature 1
A major defect of conventional chain products has been solved
Lubricant is impregnated and sealed between pins and bushings
An operating life of 10,000 hours is achieved

A major defect of conventional chain products has been solved.

Slide and abrasion between parts is inevitable with the use of chain products. In particular, pin and bushing abrasion (chain elongation) hiders smooth chain travel and eventually leads to fatigue fractures. Conventional chain products are coated periodically with lubricants to extend their life as long as possible. This occurs at a frequency between 200 and 300 hours, and with chain-driven continuous unloader, there are some 600 points to be lubricated, requiring operation to be stopped for an entire day each time maintenance must be performed.

Meanwhile, there is the problem of contamination from oil that drips and disperses into the area around equipment that requires external lubrication. This is particularly true for chain-driven continuous unloaders and other such equipment that is often operating in coastal areas.

Lubricant is impregnated and sealed between pins and bushings

After some eight years of development and testing to solve this problem, we created the Oil-Sealed Chain, a new type of chain product that does not require any external lubrication to be added because oil has been impregnated and sealed between the pins and bushings. Oil-Sealed Chain combines multiple shield materials and places them between pin link plates and bushing link plates. This composite shield material not only serves as a seal for the oil-based lubricant impregnated between the pins and bushings, it also prevents dust and other external contaminants from getting inside. Furthermore, a mechanism for tracking the movement of the chain in the direction of the pin axis eliminates variability in shield performance during operation.


Structure of oil-sealed chain


An operating life of 10,000 hours is achieved

By introducing this new technology, our Oil-Sealed Chain easily satisfies the benchmark of “10,000 hours of operations with 2% pitch elongation or less,” which is the standard for the life of conventional chain products. Our product succeeds in improving productivity by maintaining the quality that is demanded wherever conveyors are used, without any lubrication being added for 10,000 hours. We have high hopes that ZEXUS CHAIN’s Oil-Sealed Chain will become an absolute necessity for customers in all manner of industries.

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