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Self-lubricating of oil-impregnated sintered steel bushings delivers safe operation without the need for external lubrication.

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Extends chain life with self-lubrication
Cuts down on labor because there is no need to manually oil chains

Extends chain life with self-lubrication

The application of a lubricant is essential to the safe and continual operation of chains that are constantly exposed to tremendous force. Chains that lose their lubricity experiences marked wear that quickly reduces their lifespan. But at sites where food, pharmaceuticals, printed matter, clothing, electronic components, and other products are manufactured, there are fears of product contamination by oil dripping from chains. There are also instances where confined spaces make it difficult to oil chains used on production lines, and in some places, there are fears of oil polluting the surrounding environment, such as the ocean.

Lubricated Bushing Roller Chain

Cuts down on labor because there is no need to manually oil chains

With Lubricated Bushing Roller Chain, the bushings that enclose the pins within the inner links of the chain are oil-impregnated, resulting in a self-lubricating product that eliminates the need for manual oiling. These bushings are formed by pressure molding/sintering metallic powder in a vacuum, which makes it possible to infuse oil into the gaps between the grains of metallic powder. Furthermore, anti-rust coating and a special surface treatment further extends chain life. Countless customers have long been demanding products that not only prevent oil contamination, but also cut down on onsite labor by eliminating lubrication work, but manufacturing costs were always a bottleneck. The commercialization of this new product, however, has made all this possible by reducing the cost of sintered bushings.

Moving forward, we plan on further improving anti-rust performance and enhance our product lineup, so that we may aggressively expand our sales to industries that had been difficult for us to enter before, including food-related industries.

Freedom Series self-lubricating chain

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