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Here is an introduction to SBR PRIME roller chain, a new product that harnesses the special characteristics of solid bushing and roller (SBR) chain that has no seams in order to deliver even greater performance.

Feature 1
Perfectly round and seamless! Solid bushings extend chain life
Best strength performance in the world at same price as conventional products

SBR-PRIME Roller Chain: Latest type of high added-value roller chain

Roller chain is used in the drive sections of a wide variety of machinery, supporting industrial manufacturing and our daily lives. Needless to say, it is a product for which load-bearing, wear resistance, as well as safe performance is rigorously demanded. We first started marketing Solid Bush and Roller (SBR) Chain in 1987. High wear resistance is achieved by full contact with the pins using seamless, fully cylindrical bushings created through integral molding. This also achieves superior product life. Wear life is also extended two to three times over wrapped bushings, which leak lubricating oil through their seams.

SBR-PRIME Roller Chain


Perfectly round and seamless! A revolution in solid bushing chain

SBR Chain has other innovations besides its bushings. The joint link that joins the ends the chain must be searched out from the entire length of the chain each time maintenance is performed, and there is no escaping the loss of strength that comes with rendering it removable. But by making this joint link oval, we have made it easier to tell it apart from the main chain links, while also enabling the same allowable load as the rest of the chain.

Wrapped bushing

SBR Roller Chain

Best strength performance in the world at same price as conventional products

The SBR-PRIME Roller Chain we developed in July 2009 delivers the world’s best level of fatigue strength by applying a special treatment to the pin and plate sections. This improved performance has made it possible to introduce chains one-size smaller at sites where roller chains are used. Furthermore, the product price has stayed the same, even though performance has improved. This allows us to deliver extremely high cost performance to our customers.

Pin High fatigue strength thanks to special treatment Inner plate High fatigue strength thanks to special treatment Inner and outer plates High fatigue strength with low constriction SBR Long life due to solid bushing and roller Joint link Easy-to-identify oval shape with same allowable load as the rest of chain
SBR Roller Chain Features

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